Various Redstorm Games

Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike (Xbox) – UI Artist
∙ Created the overall look/feel of the ingame HUD and the outgame shell.
∙ Produced content from start to finish while working closely with programming.
∙ Regularly presented look/feel pitches to upper management.
∙ Provided testing with flow documentation.
∙ Self managed workflow and schedule.
∙ Provided additional texture support for levels and weapons.

Sum of All Fears (GBA) – Lead Artist
∙ Managed the daily schedule and workflow of artists on my team.
∙ Guided overall visual direction.
∙ Trained artists to use internally developed tools in order to produce game content.
∙ Regularly presented look/feel pitches to upper management.
∙ Produced visual content in the form of textures and level design.
∙ Provided testing with test plan documentation.

Ghost Recon: Island Thunder (PC), Tom Clancy’s (PC), Tom Clancy’s Shadow Watch (PC), Freedom: First Resistance (PC) – 2D Artist
∙ Produced texture work
∙ Worked as tools group artist/marketing artist. Duties included creating logo, box, booth and other promotional materials from print to web design.
∙ Produced conceptual work, 2d level design and user interface design, as well as illustration and 2d animation.